Haiku Smile

Haiku Smile

Monday, August 29, 2011

Nature's Teaching

*even though unequal
unity in function...
the fingers!

*many coloured flowers
in a single fibre ...
the feelings of integrity!

*the tears overflowed
for the little sparrows...
we sold the house!

*though drowned
blossomed as water circles...
stone thrown in the pond!

*to protect the environment
refused to peck
the silent woodpeckers

*sitting on the bird too
you can fly in the sky...
if broad-minded!

*for seeing the horizon
a sweet journey...
towards the home town!

*we are on journey
in the galleon
towards the splendid aim

*the personal language of
the Universe
is silence

*in the yard of the house
a house warming
by little sparrows

*for the jingle of coins
showers of sweet songs
the street singer.

*while stepping down
refused to show their faces
the mountain steps.

*even the bitter relations
become sweet jack-fruit-peals
in the shadow of separation

*to see the flowers
always searching in the soil
the roots of a plant

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Anonymous said...

Truth-seeking expression in this collection of Haiku pleases the mind of the readers. God Bless You.